I’m Lola



I’m Lola, my passion is my teenage son, reading, makeup and fashion. WHAT!! Yes is a colorful mixture like me.  As a “Latina” and “puertorrican” I have the benefits to know both language’s Spanish and English.  So you could find a review in both languages.

So this blog start when one of my friend ask me about how many books I read in one week. I said “between 2 or 3 books per week” and he told me “If you loved to read, why are you not writing any reviews?” So, that’s how Lola’s Books Review born.

I love a good steamy romance and HEA, also a good ALPHA must be present. If is a millionaire better. Sometimes my mood want a paranormal romance, vampires, witches, warlock’s, etc. sometimes a simple romantic comedy will be enough. And sometimes simply want to add my thoughts.

“Welcome” “Bienvenidos” to Lola’s Books Review.

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