Logan’s Acadian Wolves

51QGIqi2-EL__SY346_Logan’s Acadian Wolves

From the series – Immortals of New Orleans – Book 4

By Kim Grosso

This series is freaking amazing!!! Every book is getting better and better. We have another werewolf story. I loved that Kym combine the first books with vampires and the next two book on the series are werewolf. At the end of the history of Tristan; Logan arrive at Marcel house when Marcel is murdered by his Beta. Logan became the Alpha of the Acadian Pack. Again Kym delivered us a story full of Intrigue, mystery, disappointment, treason hot sex, threesome. The person you less think is the one that responsible for all the suffering of the pack. Leopolds, Etienne’s Fionna are some of the character that will be on this amazing story. And for the heroin of this book Winter a human change into a wolf. Again, we have at the first the struggle Logan’s visions are bring him to Winter and for the Alpha to complete the bond with his mate. Read this book to find who the traitor of the Acadian Pack is.


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