Tristan’s Lyceum Wolves

51QmmCl4IqL__SY346_Tristan’s Lyceum Wolves

From the series – Immortals of New Orleans – Book 3

By Kim Grosso

When I start to read this series from the first book I was hooked with Tristan side of the story. This powerful Lyceum wolf alpha is seeking revenge for the floor collapsing on his club. The things are not always what they seems. Dr. Kalli Williams was in the wrong place at the wrong time when she was abducted. Kalli is a dedicated veterinary that dedicated her studies to hide her wolf. This story have several turn of events that have you asking who is who? Tristan is fighting his attraction to Kalli. The help of the Alpha Tristan and Beta Logan to complete the first change that Kalli will do in a long time. This is a fast paced story with a lot of action. The dead is prowling in Lyceum pack. The decision made are going to impact the whole pack. Who want to destroy the pack? Intrigue, mystery, disappointment, treason all this and more in this third book of the Immortals of New Orleans.


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