Easy Magic

Easy Magic

From the series The Boudreaux Series Book 5
By Kristen Proby

I’m in loved with Kristen books since In Seattle Series. And this book is not a disappointment. When a need a good romance, when I’m need a real man that make your heart melts and your panties too, is in Kristen book that I will find it.

Beau Boudreaux is the oldest of six Boudreaux siblings and head of Bayou Enterprises with Van and Eli. Family responsibilities and a stick in his ass is all Beau.

Mallory Adams owner of a little shop in the French Quarter, a medium and empath can see the dead, struggle to hide what she is. But when Beau is the only man that she can’t read or feel his feelings is no longer a useful trait to work with Beau.

“You can’t control the wind, but you can adjust your sails” The wise words use by Beau dead father is the base of this book. They try to find a way into trust each other and Mallory had to open herself to her full capabilities.

With the help of Beau, her best friend Lena and Miss Sophia (Lena’s grandmother) they will fight a devil man.

Stay tune to the six book of this series. The story of Savannah and Benjamin in Easy Nights will be available in June 27, 2017. Pre-order link below



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