The Player

The Player
(Duet Book 1)

By K. Bromerg

When you reads so many books do you always have a series of authors that gave you the best reading. I was in a book funk with the paranormal series that I read, so I was in a need of a good Alpha and a cocky son of a bitch and K. Bromerg delivered to me in a silver try. And ohh!!!!boy that she delivered. I thought that is going to be very difficult to make another cocky like Colton on The Drive series but I was wrong. She gave me Easton Wylder. And automatically and image of Scott Eastwood come to my mind!!!!

Easton Wylder is an injured baseball player (cocky, arrogant, prank master). Scout Dalton is his new PT. She was hired to heal a rotor injured, but she didn’t count that she will fall in love with him. What it is the real reason to complete his rehab? To find a permanent position as the leading physical therapist of the Ace’s, fulfill the wishes of her father or for the loved that she had for Easton? Had all the hard work will pay off?

This story end in a cliffhanger. Book 2 The Catch will be out in June 29, 2017

Pre-order link below


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