All That I Am

All That I Am
(Men of Monroe Series Book 1)

By Rachel Brookes

I being waiting  for this series since I finished the Breathe Series. And I really loved that series. I was a roller coaster. I cried, laugh so laud (that my son look at me liked I was a crazy person) and I fell in love with Ben with every page a turn. This novel has everything that I loved. Romance, a mega Alpha, cocky males characters (Ben, Austin, Drew, Andy),  sassy’s girls (Sasha, Missy, Paige,) intrigued and a plot that keep me at the edge in every chapter.

When you have a sassy as hell heroine as Sasha Hamilton owner of Sass (home decor) and co-owner of a family Bar Hamilton, and a ALPHA, cocky, caveman, detective as Ben Hunt together they make fireworks exploded. And if you add Gigi and Crazy John character to this mix is a phenomenal. A truly masterpiece created by Brookes.  Enjoy the ride in Monroe!! I be waiting with open arms the story of Austin.



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