Until Sage

Until Sage

Until Him Series

By Aurora Rose Reynolds

Aurora delivered this remarkable romance novel with her characteristic alpha. This one is part of the Until Him series. I love Sage. Sage Mayson need to receive the forgiveness of Kim. Because the first time they met he act like an ass. Sage is an alpha overprotective, PI that think the BOOM (if you need to know what is the boom you need to read the Until series first). In his family is a myth. Until he finds Kim. But when a terrible misunderstanding happens he lose his chance of happy ever after. Kimberly Cullen a hairdresser, her kindness and compassion are her downfall. She is adopted and need her twin sister to receive a kidney transplant. But when Kelly is murdered all start to change. She need to forgive Sage and have faith in their relationship.   

This novel is a journey not only of love and forgiveness is a lesson in that when we have stones in our path that we always find a way to pass and be grateful for all that we have. The power of a relationship “he has the ability to become the sun I so desperate need in order to survive” 

“That life sometimes sucks for a while, but when you’re feeling good and happy, you’ll realize why you had to go through what you went through. You realize if you hadn’t, you wouldn’t have a chance at the happiness you’re feeling” 



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