Fighting with Honor

Fighting with Honor
(Men of Honor)

Absolutely a beautiful masterpiece created by K.C. Lynn. I loved the MOH series. But this novella was brilliant. She didn’t again. This was an emotional novella. Jaxson and Jules, Cade and Faith, Cooper and Kayla, Sawyer and Grace all the gang is here making your heart explode with joy and love. But you will cry. You got together this Alpha’s and cockiness together the beautiful wife’s and children.

Since the first page you are transport in time like is the first time that you are introduce to this gang and you feel that you are part of them. In this story all the characters of MOH have a part in it. But Jaxson and Julia are the ones that suffer must. A man from the Russian mafia is looking for his grandson and will not stop until; he have him back. No matter how many people he has to kill. Join me in this novella and welcome to the Men of Honor Club.

The first in the series is free:


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