Just One Touch

Just One Touch:

A Slow Burn Novel (Slow Burn Novels)

By Maya Banks

I loved Maya Banks books. Love the possessive Alpha and the world that she created in this series mixing the suspense with a little bit of paranormal. All the woman’s on the series have special powers and in each one of the stories this power are the main reason why this woman’s are in danger. But this badass that work in Devereaux Security Services will do anything to keep them safe.

In this five book on the series Banks gave us the story of Isaac Washington part of the Devereaux Security Services. This is a mega fast paced story in one week, he found Jenna. Jenna was held captive in a religious cult since she has four years and escape and Isaac found her trying to steal his SUV but when a bullet left Isaac and on the verge of death and Jenna use her healing powers to save his life. From this point forward is a race to keep Jenna save from the cult and the guy that bought Jenna from the cult. The only conflict I found is that Jenna is not strong character and cry a lot but at the end of the story suddenly she the strong one. I’m looking forward for the story of Tori and Dane; hope that will be the next story.


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