(Immortals of New Orleans Book 8)
Another wonderful book by Kym Grosso. Kym delivered us an amazing twisted story. In the beginning I was very aware of the characters, because I was in the search to find who is going to be the traitor, an amazing plot, hot Alpha a sassy heroine, a ménage between vampire, wolf and the pixiu. This book is a most. She did it again she transport us to a paranormal world and merge the character of previous book. You need to read the all the books on the series. I loved to read the next book hopping for Quintus story.
Jake Louviere is in an internally war he didn’t want to accepted his destiny as an Alpha of the Anzober Wolves (San Diego). He need to return to San Diego to assume the responsibility of the pack. But first a mysterious woman arrive at his home saying the name of Ilsbeth. When he try to have any information for this woman appears Quintus Tullius (an ancient vampire more old that Leopold and Kade). This woman Kai Beckett need a master to control her pixiu. But a vampire Kasdeya has kidnaped Kai sister. Together the triad need the powers together to kill Kasdeya and rescue Kai sister Shilan and restore the peace in the Anzober Pack. To complete this they have to find the Kris and Kai must do a sacrifice.




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