Highest Bidder Book
By Lauren Landish & Willow Winter

Not my typically romance novel. This Dark Romance have a HEA and no cheating. But that is not why is not my cup of tea. Is  the story. I have not problem reading ménages, Dom and Subs relationship. But this is another level for me.  This is a story of a Master and his Slave. How far with our mind leds us and how we can cope with the situations that live gave us. The exchange between the Master and Slave is 24/7 and all the mental strength that this type of relationship need. The authors delivered us this amazing story of hope and love.

Isaac Rocci owner of a Security agency and also work the security of Club X. A Master in search for the perfect Slave only a temporary arrangement because he don’t feel worth it of a Slave. Katia Herrigton kidnap at 16yr and sold to a drug leader and head of the Colombina Cartel. Is trying to cope with her new life. She need a relationship with a Master to feel again, she is lonely and need a person that take care of her needs.

How far will a Master go to save his slave?

How to broken souls can  be together? 


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