Found Underneath

Found Underneath

(Finding Me Book 2)

By. K.L. Kreig

When you finish the first book your heart is in your throat. You are expecting the chaos to start. But when you read the authors note you know that this is going to be a wild ride and your heart is in the line and it will be broken. You will know that at the end of this will be a epic reading. K.L. Kreig did it again!!!  Love it is a long story because  the character has to tell us a lot.

This in not only a bumpy ride is an emotional roller coaster. Not only for Willow that her character is so fucking difficult to express her. But for Shawn this is a crossroad on his life. He loose his family or loose the love of his live.  Shawn is a planner and he methodically made everything is difficult to him that he has not control of Willow  feelings. Is at battle of wills and control all the things that are happening in his life at the same time. Come and find the brilliant conclusion of this Duet and find my favorite scene with the baby grand.


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