Manhattan Knights Book 2
By. Sienna Parks

I had mixed feelings about this one. Book one was too perfect and I really loved Xander. Don’t take me wrong. I loved the story of Addison and Carter. Their relationship is toxic. One of love and hate. When I read it I keep hearing Pink song “Try”. No matter what stones they were on their path; together they are stronger. The reason that I didn’t really love it is that when Carter and Addison are not together, he didn’t wait form any explanation and return of his past man whore tactics. That is the only thing that had me struggling with Carter.  In some many parts I want to strangle them. I  was so pissed with them, I want to scream at them but at the same time I want to cuddle with them. OMG!  this was en emotional ride. I can’t put the book down. I was so wrapped in the story that I didn’t want it to end. A beautifully self discover for both ways. Sienna did a wonderful work and I cant wait to read Logan and Vittoria story. Im sure that  Sienna will brake my heart and put it back together.



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