Easy Nights

Easy Nights
The Boudreaux Series Book 6
By. Kristen Proby

Finally Ben and Savannah story!!!. Since the first one of this series I was waiting for story. But Van need to have more experiences and she need to heal.  A story of self discovery, strength to conquer all our fears, to teach us that nothing is impossible. Proby delivers an exceptional novel full of love and the characters of this saga that have our hearts.  The end of this series was breathtaking and emotional. I was sad that the series as to end but really happy to be part of the Bourdreaux siblings story.

Ben Preston an Ex-MMA, Krav Maga expert and have prosperous business and all his live was in love with his best friends sister. Savannah Boudreaux is healing from an abused ex husband. She have her family by her side, but know she is ready to take control of her live again. He will fight with everything to make her happy and save again. And she will fight will fight to be free again.

First book on the series is free on Amazon 🙂



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