The Catch

The catch By K.Bromerg

The Catch
The Player Duet
By. K. Bromberg

A strong ending K. Bromberg did it again. The end of the Player Duet will, have you waiting that this story never end. What will Scout do to recover the trust of Easton? An her father? How far Doc Dalton will push Scout? How far will Easton go to take responsibility for his actions?

An amazing ending to an amazing duet. Everything that happen in our lives if for a reason. That is the reason from The Catch. The name analogy  I loved.  A loving character created.  The combination of the male character conflicts with a strong woman by his side to travel the road together and became stronger.


2 thoughts on “The Catch

  1. Oh contemporary romance is my week spot I realize I must stop picking books based on their tantalizing descriptions. I’m totally taken in by promises of betrayal, passion, war, sex! But they are always total shit. Must bring myself to select books promising slow neighborhoods in the dust bowl where the hero finds a spoon and learns a valuable lesson.

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