Fiancé on Paper

Fiancé on Paper:
A Billionaire Fake Marriage Romance
By. Nicole Snow




*Standalone Free on KU

I find this book looking on Facebook. And when I started, I was hooked instantly. 7 years is a long time to wait to collect a debt . But when that debt is to pretend to be in love with the person you are really in love is when the trouble begin. Maddie is who she is known thanks to Cal. Long time to demonstrate that you are a better person and that you learn of your mistakes; or what other people think was a mistake. But you need to demonstrate again what are you made for.

Calvin Randolff need to collect a debt he never thought that he is going to needed, but when his father is in the dead bed and is a stake his position in his company desperate measures need desperate actions. But this action will lead Calvin not only to be true to himself but to show his real love for Maddi. Maddie know when she read that note “Doll” and the engagement ring that the time has come. And she will do anything for him including be his fiancé only on pepper. But when the lines get blurry and two broken soul come together to complete a journey to become whole. This story has suspense, twist and steamy scenes and an Alpha to die for.


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