White Lies Duet Book 1
By. Lisa Renee Jones


This novel is brilliant. For the first words Jones capture my attention and I can’t put the book down. A story full of intrigue and suspense when the world of the Faith came in the path of Nick, every detail is important in this spider web of lies. You don’t need to read the Inside Out Series with Chris and Sara, but definitely if you read that series and read this they will help you to understand better the characters. And the story behind Rebeca’s.

Meet Nick “Tiger” Rogers corporate lawyer, powerful, controlling, Alpha and a real cocky son of a bitch. We will make you trust him. And fell in love with him. He is the ultimate Alpha. Faith Winter an artist that want to validate her real passion painting, but he want to make her father proud and continue his legacy in the vineyard. She is a beautiful contradiction that will bring Nick to his knees. He think she is a killer and will do anything to prove who kills his father and her mother. How far will Nick will go to discover the true and how far he will go when he fall in love with his primary suspect?


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