Mustang Daddy


Mustang Daddy –

This novel start with a male point of view. And is an amazing refreshing for the others stories that I recently read.

When you find your true loved, no matter what happen in your life, and if  this loved is real, you can conquer anything. This second/third chance romance between Maddox and Annabeth. A love so strong that conquer death and infertility.

Maddox Hale have abandon issues, first his mom, then his high school sweetheart  and then the mother of his child. And he swore that he will do anything to keep Sallie Rae safe and become a family. Together they will discover how to become a family and to trust each other again. Will Love will be enough to conquer all? What other this destiny will have for this two?

Parks writing is getting better and better! When I read the scenes between Maddox and AB ohhhhhh boy the electricity is of the charts, I feel all the emotions of the characters and feelings. Loved that to Maddox the most important this is Rae. This story have me at the edge always waiting for the next shoe to drop, my heart was in my throat.


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