Renegade Ebook Cover


(Moonshine Task Force Book 1)

By Laramie Briscoe

The Moonshine Task Force Series

Five friends Five stories

I discover this author on a blog page. What she have more than 23 books and I didn’t read before!! What a shame for me. Anyways a never read a story when the age difference is in between them is 10yrs. Whitney Trumbolt is 35 yrs divorce woman, that suffered of mental and physical violence. She one drunk night tell his baby brother best friend what she need. And Ohhh boy he delivered. He delivered so good that they have an unexpected pregnancy.

Ryan “Renegade” Kepler not only make Whitney to fall in love with him, I’m in love with. At first Whitney was reluctant for the age difference. Bu Ryan is older in experience and have a big mushy heart. He overcome bad experience in his childhood and in the military and change that in a positive way. He is part of the Moonshine Task Force, they are on a fight to take down and illegal operation that the family Strather is part of.

He make the right choice at the right time and the lived of them will be change forever. Loved is unexpected, but when is at your door grabbed and don’t lose your hold. Come and be art of this journey to pregnancy, to friendship and family. I was hooked for the beginning and finish the story in one day. This a series. Each one of the book tell difference stories but you need to read it in order.


The Moonshine Task Force Series
  • Book 1: Renegade
  • Book 2: Tank
  • Book 3: Havoc (Aug. 18th)
  • Book 4: Ace
  • Book 5: Mace

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