Trevor Trombolt is and Alpha in struggle to gave the space that Blaze (Daphene Coleman). But their loved is  stronger but the two of them are too  suborn to gave up. But when Tank is in an accident all bets are off.

He want Blazed to gave up her work, (her parents also want the same) but Blaze have a secret the reason for why she is a paramedic. Trevor didn't want Blaze to  suffer, he want to protect her, but when her life is in danger is difficult for him, he knows that she is strong but his alphanes and protector side struggle.

Blaze is helping Tank to recover for his death experience, but he is so stubborn, his fear  for not be able to return to work and do all the active work not only in the police but in MTF is making him loose his mind.

The fight with the Strather family is getting worst and the Task Force will do all that they can to removed them of business.

The Moonshine Task Force Series


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