(The Force Duet Book 1)
By. M. Malone & Nana Malone



First Time reading the Malone’s and I’m in love !

When you fall in love with the bane of your existence? What will happen? Will be throat ripped or clothes ripped? The Alpha-asshole shit didn’t work for her? Wait until the force of Jonas make her fall for him. But when he rescue her and she show him the purple toy that was her weapon was the beginning of a journey together because she is the one for him.

Jonas Castillo came from abusive father and he will do the right thing and protect the good. He want to save and protect the woman the way he fail to protect his mother, because at the end was her that didn’t want to leave his father. But that experience make Jonas the good man he is.

Jessica Jones is a strong woman, made a career on fashion makeup and always is showing a faced that demonstrated her backbone. But she is and expert to hide her true feeling and the fear that her past is coming for her. As victim of domestic violence she need to feel in control and didn’t like to feel that she is in a prison.

What will happen with the past came to the Blake Security headquarters? Jonas need to protect at all cost and for do that he will have to break he vow he made years ago.

Warning end in cliffhanger and makes you cry that the second book is not yet available.

I voluntary reviewed this advanced reader copy

Book 2 will be release on 8/29/2017 and I can’t wait. Now I have to read the story of Lucia and Noah ! Can’t wait




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