Draw to Him: A Romance Collection

Draw to Him: A Romance Collection Authors: Willow Winters N. Never L.J. Shen K. Webster Jade West Isabella Starling A. Zavarelli K.L. Kreig This is collection of short stories by several authors. All  stories are with dual point of views. And each always tells us which character is speaking. This stories will for fro Contemporary […]

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Mustang Buck

Mustang Buck Sienna Parks This is he story of Jackson McKinney and Savannah Adams. In this book we not only fins a beautifully romance and the struggle to find ourselves. Savannah is a city girl that never visit Kingsbury Falls until her mother died and her father gave the belongings for her deceased mother. She […]

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Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not Willow Winter Romantic Suspense Release Date: September 12, 2017 ARC Honest Review When your past became your future and you need to wake up and live the real life. This book is so intense. For me is a Psychological Thriller. The suspende was so intense and the emotional baggage’s from the character  breaks […]

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Cockloft Author K.C. Lynn Romance Comedy Release Date: August 15, 2017 Two worlds, two different points of view that love will conquer. A Romance story A hot Hispanic Alpha firefighter Gabriel (Gabe) Martinez he has to grow faster when his father abandon his mother and brothers for a wealthy woman. He has to step up […]

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“There in nothing wrong with a little manscaping and decent clothes. You might try something other than basic black all the time.”

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HavocBy Laramie BriscoeBook #3 Moonshine Task Force Series   Meet our modern Romeo and Juliet story without the tragic ending. This one have a HEA and mega sexy Alpha and a damsel on distress. Also the whole gang of The Moonshine Task Force: Renegade, Tank, Ace and Mace. This story star with the prologue six […]

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